Wallabys Outback Lingo

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Small Talk

Word Meaning
Petrol Gas
Boot Trunk of a car
Fair Dinkum Honest; Genuine; The truth
Pearler Something that has happened superbly
Yakka Hard or heavy work
Yarn Long conversation, story
Bob’s your uncle Right you are
You’re a cobber You’re a friend
Ta-ta Goodbye
You’re a ripper You are great
Bush Tellie Campfire
Clobber Clothes
Cozzie Swimming costume
Docket Bill; receipt
Grundies Underwear
Strides Trousers
Sunnies Sunglasses
Arvo Afternoon
Big Mobs Loads, lot of
Chocka Full up
Dinky-di The real thing
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock Intellectually inadequate
Heaps A lot
Give it a burl! Give it a try
Ace Excellent
Flat out like a lizard drinking Very busy
Squizz Look at
Ooroo Goodbye


Word Meaning
Chook Chicken
Flyer; Doe; Jill; Roo Female kangaroo
Boomer; Buck; Jack Male kangaroo
Joey Baby kangaroo
Mob Kangaroo herd
Bluey Blue working cattle dog
Saltie Saltwater crocodile
Freshie Freshwater crocodile
Bunyip Mythical outback creature
Bities Biting insects
Jambuck Sheep
Mozzie Mosquito


Word Meaning
Biscuit; Bikkie Cookie
Esky Portable Icebox
Lollies Candy
Barbie Barbecue
Sanger Sandwich
Pub Hotel
Chook Chicken
Tomato Sauce Ketchup
Brekkie Breakfast
Chewie Chewing gum
Chokkie Chocolate
Cut lunch Sandwiches
Munchies Snacks, nibbles
Snag Sausage
Vedgies Vegetables
Icy Pole Popsicle
Tucker Food

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