Why Wallabys?

The idea for Wallabys Smokehouse was born with our founder’s dream of combining his love for both the Outback and delicious smoked meats. Our menu was built from fusing authentic Australian Cuisine and beverages, such as our Melbourne Burger, Shrimp on the Barbie, and Bundaberg Sodas, with traditional southern BBQ offerings. Whether it’s our Smashers, Hand-Pulled Pork, or our Surf n’ Turf platter, there is one thing for certain, ┬áhere at Wallabys Smokehouse you will get a unique combination of food and atmosphere. For over a decade we have offered our guests Bold flavors, Fresh ingredients, and delicious food made From Scratch. Come visit one of our 2 locations to be a part of our ongoing story!

Our Restaurants

The atmosphere in our restaurants is a big part of what makes us unique. Why should you have to sit at a picnic bench, eat out of a basket, or off butcher paper to be able to enjoy delicious smoked meat? We aim to create a full experience for our customers. Whether it’s the table you’re sitting at, the plate you’re eating off of, or the delicious food that’s made from scratch, we think you deserve a top notch restaurant experience. We look forward to serving you!


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